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A writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, Rebecca Rolland is passionate about the power of storytelling to connect people over space and time. She is the award-winning author of three books of poetry, with a fourth forthcoming, and the author of the nonfiction book The Art of Talking with Children (HarperOne, 2022), which will be translated into over 11 languages. She won the Dana Award in Short Fiction and has published short stories in numerous anthologies.

She lives in Boston with her family, where she lectures, consults, and provides workshops to support creativity and communication for both individuals and groups.

Most recently, she serves as a lecturer at the Harvard Medical School on topics of writing, creativity, and focus, and at conferences including Grub Street’s annual Muse and the Marketplace Conference in Boston.

Rebecca Givens Rolland

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The Book of Leavening

The Book of Leavening, a collection composed primarily of free verse poems and ghazals, frequently uses juxtaposition, collage, and associative leaps to create a sense of lushness and musicality.

Forthcoming from Unsolicited Press, December 2023.

The Wreck of Birds

Rebecca Givens Rolland embraces an assimilation of internal feeling and thought with circumstances of the natural world and the conflicts and triumphs of our human endeavors.

Winner of the May Sarton New Hampshire First Book Award

Sample Poems

Discover Rebecca’s other poetry books including The Vine of Somewhere and On the Refusal to Speak which can be purchased online. Or read examples of her poetry published on various websites.



Lucy Brick, a college student, starts noticing delivery drivers on motorbikes zooming all over Manhattan. They look alike and act weird. They use chopsticks to “charge” themselves. They even ignore traffic warnings. Some of Lucy’s friends have joined the drivers. They invite Lucy to sign up, too. Her friends tell her it’s the best time in their lives. Being a dliv gives them lots of energy. Better, it makes them more popular than their wildest dreams. It’s very tempting!

But Lucy begins to wonder what has really happened to these drivers. How can they have such abilities? Could joining them be fun—or dangerous? Lucy is going to find out.

The Experiment Will Not Be Bound

Featuring more than 70 pathbreaking authors, The Experiment Will Not Be Bound highlights celebrated and new voices that, as editor Peter Campion says, share “a particular combination of openness and intention, curiosity and assertion.”

Frankly Feminist

A groundbreaking Jewish feminist short story collection.

Frankly Feminist represents the best Jewish feminist fiction published in Lilith Magazine, and does what no other collection has done before in its geographic scope, its inclusion of twenty-first-century stories, and its Jewish feminist focus.

Short Stories

See sample stories through these links.


Rebecca is passionate about communication and creativity. This passion is at the heart of her lecturing and consulting work. She frequently gives lectures, talks, and workshops to organizations and groups interested in supporting creativity, focus, and creative purpose.

Additionally, she offers workshops and consulting services to individuals and small groups interested in completing specific manuscripts or more generally in evolving and enhancing their creative practices. She works across genres (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry), including a focus on nonfiction writing about science, education, and parenting. She also consults through Grub Street’s consulting services.

Latest News And Events

For information on Rebecca’s parenting and education work, including The Art of Talking with Children, please see her website at This website highlights Rebecca’s creative writing work.


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