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THe Book of Leavening

The Book of Leavening, a collection composed primarily of free verse poems and ghazals, frequently uses juxtaposition, collage, and associative leaps to create a sense of lushness and musicality.

The poems, with a focus on the natural world and the rituals of marriage, motherhood, and loss, center around the self-growth and evolution of a narrator as she comes to terms with an expanded sense of the other and herself.

These poems are published or upcoming in Poetry Northwest, Kenyon Review, Poets.org, and Contemporary Verse 2, among numerous other journals.

The Wreck of Birds

Rebecca Givens Rolland embraces an assimilation of internal feeling and thought with circumstances of the natural world and the conflicts and triumphs of our human endeavors. Here, we discover a language that seeks to at once replicate and transcend experiences of loss and disaster, and together with the poet ”we hope that such bold fates will not forget us.”

Winner of the May Sarton New Hampshire First Book Award
The May Sarton New Hampshire Prize is named for May Sarton, the renowned novelist, memoirist, poet, and feminist (1912-1995) who lived for many years in Nelson, New Hampshire, not far from Peterborough, home of William L. Bauhan Publishing.

To celebrate the 2012 centennial of Sarton’s birth, Bauhan Publishing inaugurated the May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize.

Available in Paperback format

The Vine of Somewhere

Available in Paperback format

On the Refusal to Speak

Available in Paperback format

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In Poets.org, originally in Poetry Northwest

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Originally in The Kenyon Review, republished in 236 Magazine, Boston University

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In diode

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After the Marriage but Before the Fire

In Stirring Lit

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Dream of Jaundice

In Connotation Press

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There Fell in the North


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In the Night Mirror

In Hawai’i Pacific Review


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