Rebecca Givens Rolland

Author's books

Frankly Feminist

This new volume represents the best Jewish feminist fiction published in Lilith magazine, and does what no other collection has done before in its geographic scope, its inclusion of twenty-first-century stories, and its Jewish feminist focus.

Available in Paperback format

The Book of Leavening

The Book of Leavening, a collection composed primarily of free verse poems and ghazals, frequently uses juxtaposition, collage, and associative leaps to create a sense of lushness and musicality.

Available in Paperback format

The Wreck of Birds

Rebecca Givens Rolland embraces an assimilation of internal feeling and thought with circumstances of the natural world and the conflicts and triumphs of our human endeavors.

Available in Paperback format


Lucy Brick, a college student, starts noticing delivery drivers on motorbikes zooming all over Manhattan. They look alike and act weird. They use chopsticks to “charge” themselves. They even ignore traffic warnings. Some of Lucy’s friends have joined the drivers. They invite Lucy to sign up, too. Her friends tell her it’s the best time in their lives. Being a dliv gives them lots of energy. Better, it makes them more popular than their wildest dreams. It’s very tempting!

Available in Paperback and eBook format


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